Reviewing Little Moons

Welcome back badass babes. Today's blog is a review and it's of one of the most wanted food product right now, the tiktok famous @Littlemoons To find these my partner and I have to go to 5 different Tescos and they were sold out in 4.

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If you are not sure what Little Moons are then where have you been? No, but seriosuly they have been going viral on the internet and let me tell you I now know why. They are balls of flavoured ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of Mochi. They have loads of flavours from mango, coconut, matcha, salted caramel, chocolate, passionfruit & mango, pitsachio, lemon, strawberries & cream, hazelnut, raspberry and vanilla. One of my favourite flavour of food is coconut so ofcourse I went searching purely for the coconut little moons and here is my review.

I love ice cream but it's got to be creamy and wow this was creamy. The ice cream was so rich and smooth and the mochi was absolutely delicious. The soft chewiness of the mochi mixed with the texture of the ice cream went so well, hats off to the brother and sister that founded this company. Also they are perfect for if you are on a diet or healthy eating as a treat after food or throughout the day because they only have a small amount of calories. They all slightly differ from 64 to 81, coconut being 81 calories per ball but for something so yummy I personally would expect alot more calories. Not only that but for me they are the perfect size so 1 is enough for me. They aren't too big where it's hard to finish them off, but not too small that you are left wanting to eat the whole pack. Although they were that good I could of easily ate the whole pack.

So in conclusion, Little Moons is a definite MUST try. They are currently only doing them in Tesco and indpendant stores. If you go onto thier website, which I have linked above, you can find the nearest stockist to you.

Until Next Time X

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