Reviewing Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

So to start I only drink cold coffee and that's only a recent thing I have started doing. I'm not a massive coffee drinker but as part of trying to make the most of out October I seen Pumpkin Spiced Coffee and thought yess, I am trying this. So I did!

I bought the jar from @HomeBargains - They are £1.79, it's quite a small jar but it would take a decent amount of servings so price wise I think it is great. I also recently seen a seasonal Apple one in there recently too which I might also test depending on how this one goes.

So first impressions of the smell, it's very strong! You know when you can almost taste it because the scent is so strong, yes it's like that. So good for coffee lovers. It actually does smell like pumpkin spice too, you get so many products which say it's a certain flavour and you have it and there's just no flavouring at all. But this smelt good! I was apprehensive about tasting as I previously mentioned I don't normally drink coffee but honestly was so impressed. The taste of the pumpkin spice was strong so it sort of overpowered the coffee taste so it wasn't wasn't strong coffee so I was in LOOOVE with it. Would recommend and if you're thinking, nah! Don't knock it until you try it. I have learnt so many new things about myself and tried so many new foods and drinks in the past few months now there are so many new things that I love. We are constantly changing and growing and so are our taste buds so giving a new food or a food you haven't had in a while another shot it totally worth it because you never know, maybe it will be your new favourite.

If you have tried any Halloween/Autumn flavoured food and drinks let me know! I would love to try ones you like too.

Until Next Time Witches X

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