Reviewing The Body Shop Strawberry Butter

A brand I have always loved is The Body Shop, if you haven't already tried it then take a read below to see my review.

Sometimes body butters can feel quite oily and sticky on your skin. The body shop body butter never fails to impress, it's smooth when applying, coats your skins in a soft layer of fresh fragrance and soaks in nicely. It spreads evenly and the fragrance last for a good couple of hours. he Strawberry butter has a strong scent and I have even had people compliment me on smelling good when I've worn it in work.

The packaging in my opinion is very user friendly because you can get to every last little bit of the cream whereas when you have a bottle you can squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze and you are guaranteed to still have some left there. If you know you know!

I would say the only downfalls to this body butter would be that it's quite pricey in comparison to butters from cheaper brands but sometimes spending just a few pounds more really makes a difference. In this case I feel splashing out an extra bit is totally worth it. Your skin deserves the same amount of luxury as you get when you are shovelling a warm chocolate fudge cake down your throat. So with all that said I would recommend and if you haven't tried already then head over to Leah's Facebook Page @beautypower (Link on my Facebook page @elunico) and try some out. Promise, you won't be disappointed.

Until Next Time!X

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