The Streets Of Barcelona

Barcelona Baby! This is the blog about our hotel cancelling on us, getting lost, going to an ice bar and trying THE BEST cupcake I have ever tried.

Where to even begin. It was an adventure alright. I'll start at the very beginning. Basically we were ready to get on our coach from Cardiff to go to London Gatwick and our hotel sent us an email basically saying they had cancelled our reservation. So we were now traveling to Barcelona with 5 other people with no where to stay. As you could probably imagine at this point we were freaking out. In the end thanks to the girls helping we managed to find accommodation and book it literally on the flight 2 minutes before take-off. Great start!

We finally arrived at Barcelona airport, after waiting 2 hours for our transport we managed to grab a taxi to our accommodation which was great fun, blasting music and putting the disco lights on. By the time we reached the apartment it was late, we were all stressed and it was just time to chill, grab some food and head to bed.

The next day was time to get on the bus and head into central Barcelona. We stopped for a delicious breakfast at a cute café on the corner before walking miles through the streets of Barcelona seeing the amazing architecture. One thing I love about going somewhere new and travelling is that you get to see not just the tourist sights but the back streets, the actual living areas of locals and how different it is to how we live. I love trying new foods, going to cafes and just walking and looking at everything as you walk the paths. That is the beauty of travel in my eyes. Whilst walking we came across a cupcake shop called La Cava Cakery and oh my gosh the cupcakes were no word of a lie the best I have ever had. We started talking to the owners who were from Ireland, who were so lovely and allowed us to take pictures and treated us to a prosecco with our cupcakes. The shop was so cute and pretty, something we would never of found if it wasn't for walking. Next time I go back to Barcelona I will 100% be visiting this shop again!

One thing that I have always wanted to do was to go to an ice bar. On the beach front there was exactly that and I loved every single second of that experience. They give you woolly gloves and thermal coats to wear in the Bar which was so cool as the temperature outside was 24 degrees, whilst inside the bar it drops to minus 38 degrees! Once inside everything is made of ice even the bar and glasses. You get to choose a cocktail and we all had a free shot. You can stay in the bar as long as you want and I absolutely loved it.

Whilst continuing on our walk we came across the insane building of La Sagrada Familia hidden within the streets. This building was HUGE and had so much detail on every single part of it. There were queues of people waiting to go inside and walk to the top, but the weather was so beautiful we decided to just take it in from the outside and carry on.

The next day was once again full of walking, it was a lot hotter this day and we were more inside the shops. We stopped for some cocktails at a small Irish Bar and went inside a beautiful church on the stretch by the shops. At the end of that stretch there were little numerous restaurants and bars, and down the middle of the street we were entertained by moving statues and a small traditional flea market. Behind that there were incredible views of the sea and harbour, with boats all lined up, but one of my favourite things was the shopping centre. We went to discover the shops and cafes inside and had some amazing pictures whilst looking over the view.

We had an amazing time at Barcelona, and still have so much to see and do, so will definetely be visiting again soon. Until then Barcelona, Chow.

Until Tomorrow Guys X

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