The Streets Of London

I recently went on a spontaneous trip to London for a night. Me, being me of course had a list of places I wanted to visit. I am a massive picture enthusiast, if that's even what you call it, basically I just love capturing moments through image and taking in the surrounding world.

When we first arrived we went to Coffee Addict, a tiny little cafe with the most cutest and prettiest drinks and food you can imagine. I seen this cafe on Instagram and just thought I must go! They do pink and blue... coffeees. Yes, I obviously had the pink coffee and no word of a lie it tasted divine and had a picture of the cutest coffee art bear on top with rose petals as decoration. The shop was flowery and pink. The prices were great for the drinks and the lady who was working was very friendly and welcoming. Would recommend.

On my list was somewhere I always see all over social media and somewhere I missed going last time I went to London. I made it a crucial place to go to. We made out first port of call to the Elan Cafe, which is a beautiful café with stunning backgrounds ready for amazing shots. There are several around the city. There was plenty of seating both inside and outside and beautiful walls of flowers covering the cafe. Perfect for the 'gram. We went there in the morning for breakfast. I chose a pink cookie, which was a great healthy breakfast I know. It was stunning and huuuuuuuuge!! The atmosphere was amazing, staff were incredibly friendly and the actual aesthetics of the cafe was beautiful.

The next place on the list was Eve Bar. The entrance was lovely, with a light sign on the wall. Again great for pictures. You then walked down the stairs to the desk and we was seated in the tiny bar area at the bar. It was dark and had a great atmosphere. The only thing that put me off and made me feel slightly uncomfortable was the fact we was sat at the bar in front of the barista who was making the cocktails. Honestly, I like my private space and for me this was too close to the bar. The cocktails were nice but there wasn't a lot to drink, I'd say more of a shot. Very expensive shots really! However, the atmosphere was good and the staff were polite so if this sounds like your kind of scene then try it out but I personally wouldn't go back.

Hard rock Cafe in Piccadilly Circus. I had never been to a hard rock cafe before I was determind to give it a try. We went for food, but only a snack, as we had an afternoon tea booked on a yacht a few hours later, which you can read about in my previous blog, so we only wanted something small. We both chose the grilled chicken sandwich. Well.... when it came I actually thought that we had been given the wrong meals. These were no sandwiches but massive chunks of juicy chicken in burger buns with fries. What made it even better we had 50% OFF with the eat out to help out scheme but even at full price I would happily pay the price. The staff were polite and the ambience was really relaxing, so if this sounds like your kind of scene then try it out, but I personally wouldn't go back.

The last place I'm going to speak about is Sketch. I mainly wanted to go to experience the eggloo room, but unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to go in there however I did go into the bar. I ordered a healthy juice which was stunning. From the outside it looked like a normal building however when looking through the door it was pitch black. As you walked in the experience began, honestly I don't even know how to remotely start explaining this place. I went in the entrance and one room and it was oddly satisfying. The worker's outfits fitted the scene too. Unfortunately we couldn't stay too long as we needed to get back to our hotel to check out but I am glad we managed to stay for a little while. Next time I will be going again but to the eggloo room of course.

Until Next Time X

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