The Streets Of Malaga Ft. Our Flight Got Cancelled

Welcome Back! In today's blog we are talking all about our trip to Malaga, trying Spanish cuisine, attending a fish spa and visiting party central.

I was going on holiday with my mum to Malaga and we were flying from London. We got there a few hours before, checked in, went through security, had a meal at Wagamamas and went to our boarding gate. I say we went to the gate, but what realistically happened was we were waiting around, and the notice board said we would get gate information at 9.20am. We kept checking the board and still nothing, but we then checked at 9.10am and it said gate closing so we began running through the airport, not the first time. So we ran to our gate and just about made it through. We were sat waiting at the gate for about half an hour and then they said there had been a slight delay in our flight. After about another hour of waiting for more information at the gate they then told us that our flight had been cancelled. The last thing you want to hear when waiting to board your plane to a holiday that you're excited for is that it's cancelled. So many things going through your brain such as, am I going to get my money back, what other flights are going out, what happens now? The airline we were travelling with originally didn't give us any information so we all had to grab our bags out of luggage claim and head to the airline stand at the check in point. Most of the surrounding hotels were completely full because there had been other flight cancellations the same day with different airlines. By this time it was getting late and my mum and I were pretty much stranded in London. There were no flights until the following day midday so we were getting pretty flustered at this point. We didn't really want to be travelling around London on our own at this time with our luggage. As previously mentioned the airline were great and when they realised we were on our own they managed to squeeze us into a room at the Hilton next door. BONUS * We also got a complimentary all you can eat breakfast too which was INSANNNNLY yummy.

The next day we finally got new flight information that our airline had sorted for us and we were back on track with our Malaga holiday making a pit stop in Barcelona on the way. The airport in Barcelona was HUGE! We also had a TGI Fridays, which was amazing. We only had two hours to kill in the airport so that time went quick and then before we knew it we arrived at out holiday destination.

This was our second time visiting Malaga. We stayed in Cala De Mijas on a stunning golf resort. Our villa was up a hill with incredible views of the sea. Obviously our mornings consisted of sunbathing by the private villa pool and munching on croissants. I'm a do-er so even on sun holidays I like to go for walks and have adventures.

The one day we caught the bus into Fuengirola, where we attended the Spanish Market, which went on and on until we couldn't walk no more. We also had to make a pit stop at McDonald's and quite honestly the cheeseburger tasted completely different to the ones in the UK. Whilst there we also treated ourselves to a fish foot spa, which was definitely a different experience. On another day we went into the party centre which was Marbella. There were loads of shops along the main roads and walking out to the front there were little boutiques, tapas restaurants and cocktail bars galore. Who wouldn't love it there? I went to Malaga about two years before this trip and everything is still pretty much the same.

In the evenings we headed to the local gin bar or walked down to the front and went for long walks on the boardwalk. The scenery was so beautiful, I can't even explain.

The weather was stunning and I caught a nice glowing tan, nothing too drastic though as I am not much of a sunbather but a do-er So I am always on the go and exploring. I don't really have a highlight to the holiday as overall it was just fun, relaxing (apart from the cancelled flight part of it haha) and I just love seeing other countries and taking in different cultures, food and surroundings.

I would recommend Malaga to anyone whether it's for a family va-cay, a girl's holiday or just a chill in the sun as it pretty much caters for all. A five star location from me.

Until Next Time X

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