The Streets Of New York FT. Fashion Week

I went to New York in February during New York Fashion Week.

The second day we took the underground to China Town and visited Ground Zero to pay our respects. We stopped for food at a café which was also a memobilia to ground zero with the badges and pictures covering the walls of all the fire fighters and service teams that helped during this time. Opposite there was a huge mall and when we went it was actually Chinese New Year so there was a massive festival with dancing, music and loads of freebies being given out. It was a great experience. After the mall and the snow dying off we went on the Long Island Boat Trip to see the Statue Of Liberty. It was so much fun but also so cold. This was the only day we didn't wear coats because the rets of the time it was so warm and it snowed. Yes, snowed! So we had to stop in a discount store and pick up some coats nearby China Town.

The Day Of NYFW was one of the best experiences of my life. I had a fashion brand that actually featured on the runway, I also got to walk the runway myself as the designer and I cannot explain with words how the feeling was. We had a press conference, got interviewed on TV and I met so many inspiring people. It was a very long day so after the fashion show finished we went to somewhere I still crave to this day, Panda Express. The best Chinese I have ever had! Sometimes I think I just want to fly to America just for this Chinese and Carlos' Bakery. It was a very stressful and tiring day that I'm sure you can imagine so the day after was just a chilled out, walk around New York sight seeing kind of day.

The rest of the week we walked miles through the streets shopping, visiting ..(view place) which we went to the top of and seen the views of the city during the day. I'd love to go again by probably go to the top of the Empire State Building in the evening. We tried Mc Donald's (had to be done didn't it?) and enjoyed breakfast most mornings at Dunkin' Donuts, which was at the end of the street from where we were staying at the apartment.

Overall, New York was amazing. I loved it so much and want to go back and experience a lot more such as watching a Broadway show, visiting other restaurants , more shopping and going to central park. I'd love to also go in a different season to last time more in the middle of the year an then again but before Christmas or during.

Hope You Enjoyed! Until Next Time X

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