Thirty Before 30

There was a time when I was on holiday and we were having a chat with one of the nicest waiters I've ever had and then he mentioned that we was doing a travel bucket list called 30 before 30. If it's not self explanatory enough it's basically where you travel to 30 different counties/states before you hit 30 so I immediately thought I am SO doing it.

Below I have began my list of my 30 places. I have been to some of the places below multiple times and they are so different so I feel like it should count but I've done it on the same line. Some of them I have also wrote blogs about so I will link them if I have wrote about them so if you are interested don't forget to go check them out.

  1. Murcia, Spain/Malaga, Spain/Barcelona, Spain

  2. Houston Texas, America

  3. New York, America

  4. Paphos, Cyprus

  5. Florence, Italy

  6. Tangier, Morocco

  7. Gibraltar, Gibraltar Spain

  8. Paris, France

  9. Fuerteventura

  10. Kos, Greece

It looks like I am 10 down with 20 to go!

Until Next Time! X

P.S Don't forget to check back for updates!

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