Trying an ice-cream roll

I scream, you scream. We all scream for Ice-Cream. You see a trend on social media and you think that looks super cool and then when you actually see it in person you just got to try it, or is that just me? Well, these Ice-Cream rolls have been a trend for quite a while now. I have always wanted to try one and now I have and this is what I thought.

I love the fact that they make it in front of you. You can watch how it's done and honestly it's quite cool. They can be found usually in shopping centres in little kiosks. I tried my ice-cream roll from a kiosk in the Trafford Centre, Manchester. I also had one from the Bullring, Birmingham. Both just as great as each other.

They normally have a few different options of flavours, in the picture I tried strawberries and cream flavoured ice-cream roll and it did not disappoint. You also get options of topping and sauces. The way they are made, on the cold metal board makes the ice-cream go a bit more solid so when you first begin to eat, it isn't melting and the rolls actually hold their shape. You get about 5 to 6 rolls in the tub which is just enough for me. They are a reasonable price between £4 to £6 depending where you go for them.  Do you love ice-cream rolls? Let us know in the comments.

See you tomorrow x

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