Trying Healthy Snacks From Aldi

So during lockdown I have been getting a little hungry between meals so instead of buying unhealthy foods I wanted to try some healthy snacks. Unfortunately there wasn't much option when we went to Aldi's, however I did pick a few. Before we start if you would prefer to watch the vlog on our YouTube Channel head here @elunico

The first snack was Passions Deli Sour Cream and Chive Flavoured Pea Snacks. At first glance after opening the pack they looked very green and a puffy texture, but when I actually took it out of the packet they didn't look as vibrant in colour. They have a very strong smell with a really strong taste, and on first bite they did have a puffy airy texture. Honestly, the taste whilst eating them was okay, but the more I ate, the more I got used to them,  but the after taste wasn't that nice.  Would I buy the again? Probably.

Rate 3/5

The second snack was Snackrite Sea Salt and Vinegar Pea Snacks. These are the same as the snack above just in a different flavour. So pretty much the same review except these weren't as strong in taste. I would recommend these more if you are not a massive fan of sour cream and chive flavoured snacks. Although with that said, if I was stopping at Aldi's and needed a snack I probably would pick these up.

Rate: 3.4/5

The next snack as you can see in the image above was The Foodie Market Veggie Straws. They had three different colours and three different flavours which were; kale, spinach and tomato. The smell wasn't particularly strong and pretty much just smelt like ready salted crisps. I tried each colour bag individually; beige tasted kind of weird at first, I thought it was the kale flavour but then it had me thinking spinach, red tasted exactly like ready salted crisps and lastly green was absolutely disgusting. I either hated the kale or spinach flavour. It wasn't the taste whilst eating it, it was the after taste as it just lingered in my mouth. I can't even describe that taste.  Let  me know if you have tried these snacks in the comments.

Rate: Beige 3/5 Red 3/5 Green 1/5

Second before last was the Bruschetta. Normally this kind of thing isn't for me however they were honestly kind of yummy and quite moreish. When I opened the bag the smell was really strong garlic and herbs, which smelt amazing.  On first bite they were super crunchy, the texture is great and the taste was just right as I thought that they might be quite strong and overpowering on the taste buds. I think these would be better with a salad or pasta rather than on their own as a snack, but I really liked them and would purchase again.  Snack tips, how do you eat your Bruschetta?

Rate: 4/5

Last was the Cheddar & Red Onion bread. This was the highest in fat intake and calories but still not too unhealthy. The only thing I would say was that this isn't just a snack you could go to shop and grab on the go, you do need to cook it. Although being at home it was absolutely fine and this was the one I was most excited to try. It sounded good, smelt amazing and the taste, Oh My Gosh! I am 100% getting this bread again. the taste and texture was absolutely incredible. Writing this it makes me want more. By far my favourite snack that I tried. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Rate: 5/5

Don't forget to check out our YouTube Chanel. I think I might do this video again but in a different shop as I quite enjoyed it.

See You Tomorrow X

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