Trying out A £4o Face MASK

Yes, a £40 face mask. In today's blog I am going to review Glamglow facial products. If you would rather watch our vlog on this review then follow our link to our YouTube Channel.

The main product that I will be reviewing is the Charcoal Face Mask. It comes in a white tub and is a grey/black-ish colour. It says to apply the mask as a thin layer and keep it on for about 5 to 20 minutes. I kept the mask on for 15 minutes. Whilst on your face it went a light grey colour and made your face stiff. It actually felt like I had Botox. It was super easy to apply and it washed off easily. Once the mask was off my face I was left with red blotches where the mask was doing it's job. After about 2 minutes my face had cleared up. I am writing this about 30 minutes later and my face is feeling replenished, smooth and glowing. LOVING THIS PRODUCT!! Okay, so now for the big question. Is it worth the price? I would honestly say it is and I will be buying Glam Glow Face Mask again.

I also tried the other two products that came in the gift box, which weren't featured on my vlog. The one I trialled before going to bed and the other when I got up in the morning. Firstly, the smell was immense. It was sweet but kind of florally at the same time. Again, both products applied nicely and weren't oily or left my face feeling sticky. I have woken up this morning and my face is feeling fresh and lifted. It is also so soft and the spot that I had on my chin yesterday has gone, IT'S A MIRACLE MASK!!

I would definitely recommend purchasing the Glamglow products, and even though they might be slightly over your usual spend on beauty products they are worth every penny. If you have tried them, pop a comment below and share your thoughts.

See you tomorrow x

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