ugg slippers, are they worth £100?

Today's blog is about the Ugg Yeah Slides. Are these slippers really worth the £100?

I wanted the Ugg Yeah Slides since wayyyyy before Christmas. The only thing is that I honestly feel £100 is quite a lot of money to spend on a pair of slippers. I wouldn't wear them out and usually I am not in the house that much so I just didn't feel like they would be worth out of them however I was scrolling online the other day (whilst being bored out of my brains in isolation) and came across a SALLLLLLEEE on Ugg website. Immediately I knew I had to see if these slippers were in the sale because I hadn't seen them any cheaper then about £80. As I was scrolling there they were £59.99, snatched them up and ordered in a coral pink colour.

A few days later they arrived and I have been wearing ever since. they came around a week ago and as we are stuck in isolation at the moment I have been wearing them all every, every day. First impressions; They look so cute, super comfy and stylish. Honestly I love the look of them, the coral colour is very vibrant which again I love. When feeling them they have quite a hard base so at first I was think I wasn't sure whether they would actually be uncomfortable to wear. Also the fur is quite course so that means it wouldn't malt, whereas I have another pair of pink feathery/faux fur style slippers and I am forever finding bits of pink everywhere. So that is definitely a bonus. I completed the try on test and surprisingly they are probably the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn! Where I thought it was going to be hard it actually doesn't feel it on your foot. They are quite heavy slippers and it does feel like you're wearing shoes but my gosh are they comfy and because on the elastic band around the back of your heel it holds your foot in place also, yet another thing I love.

One word I would use to describe the Ugg Slippers would be: Obsessed. I am in love with them, from the moment I seen them online I wanted one and the fact I now have them is just amazing! So, so excited. So, the big questions is would I pay £100 for them?

Honestly after having them, wearing them an d pretty much living in them for just over a week now I can say I certainly would pay £100 for a pair of these slippers. Without trying them first I probably wouldn't of no as I said but now I've got them, yes. I would reccomend.

P.S If you like the colour I have got they are actually out of stock on the website but I have linked the picture and this text to the page with all of the amazing colours they have and trust me there are loads.

See You Tomorrow X

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