Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas

Welcome back badass babes. In today's blog I am sharing some lovey-dovey rommy-commy breakfast ideas to melt the hearts of your significant other. Just because we are all stuck in a lockdown does not mean this year's Valentine's day needs to be any less special.

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So here are some of my ideas of how to make breakfast romantic, perfect for both his and her. Warning - May contain alot of heart shaped foods!!

Heart Shaped Pancakes

Toast and Egg - Cut a heart shape out of the toast and fry an egg in the middle

Hearty Eggs and Bacon

Heart Shaped Waffles

Strawberry Hearts on Skewers

Heart Cocoa Powder on Coffee/Hot Chocolate

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Buns

If you want something different to hearts then why not gether some of yours and your SO favoruite breakfast items and lay out a breakfast buffet ready for when they get up. You can add red balloons, pictures of you both, a table cloth and confetti.

Ideas On How To Serve

For a breakfast in bed you will need a try that you can add heart shapped confetti to with a note saying, 'I Love You'. For something a little more romantic you can put rose petals from the bedroom into the kitchen where you have created a table spread of food like said above to lead them to their breakfast buffet where you will give them their card and present also. However if you want something a little more subtle then maybe just a heart shaped breakfast served to them in bed.

Until Next Time X

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