Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Welcome back badass babes, in today's blog I am giving you all ideas for Valentines gift ideas for him and her. These gifts are all under £100 and perfect for couples in lockdown.

A Scrapbook - Something a little bit personal and to get you crafting is a scrapbook whether it be full of travel memories or date memories.

Personalised 'Our Song' Record Vinyl Print - This is such a lovely idea for couples that have a song, you can get the song vinyl with lyrics on a print which is just so personal and thoughful. Personalised Soundwave Print - Something else that is very similar is you can do the same but the with prints, keyrings or even sweatshirts where there is a soundwave that you scan with your phone that takes you straight to the song and begins to play.

Polaroid Photo Keyring - You can now get polariod style keyrings and when you pull out the polariods there are pictures. I absolutely love this gift, what a perfect way to always be around your SO.

Funny Chocolate Prints - You can now get a print with writing on with chocolate that fills in certains words and I absolutely love these. The one that I have linked can be done with or without chocolate but what a great idea for a chocolate loving SO.

IOU Vouchers - These are a great way to give something a little more personal and fun. YOu can buy or create your own IOU Vouchers where yo

A Silver Plated Boxed Rose - If your partner loves flowers why not get a boxed silver plated rose that they can keep forever. There will be no need to replacing it when it dies out because this one is a reminder always of your love.ur SO can use them when they want a hug or a kiss etc. They are such a romatic gift idea.

Boxed Roses - Boxed roses can come as singulars or as bunches with a choice of different colours and boxes. I think these are absolutely stunning and perfect for you SO on Valentine's Day.

Rose Bears - Another fabulous idea with roses is rose bears.

Rose + Chocolate Boxes - Yet another great flower gift is the chocolate and rose boxes mixed with two lovign gifts.

Edible Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - Something a little more edible now is chocolate covered strawberries. You can get them in many different colours and even boxes with other sweet treats.

Explosion Box - These gift ideas are fab, you can either get them already made or you can buy the box and add the items yourself. I have seen many variations of these boxes from chocolates and sweets to photo boxes. I think they are great as thoguhtful gifts.

Folded Book - For someone who loves to read these persoanlised folded book patterns are amazing. YOu cna different names or words or shapes. It is a very person gift for a reader or writer.

Date Ideas Book - These are going viral at the moment with more and more people buying these and honestly I think they are such a great idea. It is a book with different date ideas with information about the date and then a space to add images and write up about it.

Personalised Portraits - This could be anything from a wall print to being cartoonafied.

If you want to make it a little bit different then why not set yourself a gift challenge, here are some examples below.

The Present Swap - Make a list of 5 to 10 categories of items you ahev to buy for the other for example it could be soemthing they love, something they have never tried, their favourite colour, their favourite drink/snack etc and swap them on Valentine's day.

The Budget Challenge - Set a budget of maybe £10 or £20, the smaller the budget the harder the challenge will be and the objective is to buy as many items as you can with budget. The one to buy the most wins but it has to be soemthing the other one likes/enjoys etc.

The Treasure Hunt - You know what it is, write some clues and get them to go find their gift(s).

There so many ideas out there but I personaly love something a little more personal. I hope my list of gift ideas has helped.

Until Next Time X

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