Visiting Albert's Schloss, Trafford Centre and media city UK

So this is my trip to Manchester. We often head up north from South Wales when we have a free weekend to visit family who live in Wigan. When I visit places I always love to see new things and go to new places and this is what we done.

Even though we have been to Manchester so many times, I had never actually been into the city centre. So this time when we travelled up we made sure we went into central Manchester. The parking was terrible, it was busy and hard to find places to park. We ended up parking down some old random street next to some retro clothing and music stores. They were pretty cool, I love retro style clothes.

After sweeping in and out of shops on that street we headed towards a bar/restaurant where we had never been before, Albert's Schloss. The front of the building had a massive arrangement of purple flowers, which was just stunning. The door was big and grand and just off the main street. When you go in you've got the bar area one way and the restaurant the other. The inside lives up to expectations too, however it gives me different vibes. The outside seems grand, glamorous and pretty but indoors it was dark and cosy. There was a large fire within the restaurant area and the bar was a long isle down the middle. I ordered a Cherry Cocktail which came looking delicious. Every sip was cherry poppin'.

After stopping for a drink we had a look around the city before heading to the Trafford Centre. My favourite part of this shopping centre is the entrance into the food hall. I love the food hall, the fact everything is made up like little villages and buildings and the main hall has the massive water feature as if it's a boat. Not only that but there are so many food options to choose from. You have got everything from your fast foods restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC and Burger King to Nando's and Prezzo. We stopped for food at Wetherspoons, which was so yummy. We ordered buttermilk chicken burgers with a side of onion rings.

After food, it started to get busier so we decided to finish up our shopping trip so left for the next place on our agender that day. We went to Media City UK with our family. This is somewhere we had never been before and it was beautiful weather. we parked in a shopping centre car park and done some more shopping before heading outside. There were beautiful views of the river running through the centre with the media buildings. There was a small grass area with deck chairs and a wooden tikki bar where we sat for a while with drinks and listened to the music. It had a very relaxing environment, and it was a great experience to see Media City UK.

After this we headed back to the pub for a couple of local pints before going to bed. It was a very long busy day especially with the journey of about 4 hours on us too. Next time we head to Manchester I would love to visit Cloud 23 and Menagerie.

Do you love Manchester? Let us know your favourite spots

See you tomorrow x

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