Healthy Alternative For When You Crave A Takeaway

Welcome back badass babes. In todays blog I am sharing my healthy eating tips for when you are craving a takeaway but you don't want the calories.

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I massively crave takeaways, somehow I am always in the mood for a Chinese chicken balls, a chicken korma, a meteor pizza from Dominos and a cheeky kebab. Literally like if you can totally relate, I hope it's not just me. However I need to cut them back to help me in my process of changing my lifestyle, toning up my body and it also saves so much money. I then came up with the idea of when I was craving them to then make an alternative and below are some examples.

Wrap Pizza

The one I crave most Dominos Pizza; As we all know a pizza from Dominos is a liii-ttle pricey so this has definitely saved my a fortune. I now have wrap pizzas and if you're think huh? Stay tuned honey.

It's honestly so simple. I get wholemeal wrap and then with the back of a spoon spread an even-ish layer of BBQ sauce (you can also use tomato puree etc but I am a BBQ base fan!). Once that is look neat you then grate low fat cheese and add a topping whether it's a flavoured chicken, cocktail sausages, spinach, coriander whatever you fancy put it on. It's really just anything that is precooked. Then add some more cheese, you can then squirt some BBQ sauce back on top just to finish it off nicely. Then pop it in the oven but keep an eye on it as you don't want to overcook. Pretty much once all the cheese is looking F-ine I just take it out and enjoy. I normally have one if I'm having it as a lunch but two for a dinner or I'll add sweet potato fries, which I've made myself to a dinner.

Prep Work - Easy, Quick & Un Messy

Overall - 5 Star and totally helps with the pizza craving

Pad Thai

I also cannot resist a chinese. I always change my order up at the chinese, one day it's sweet and sour chicken, next it's hong kong style beef or chicken, chow emin, sweet and sour chicken balls with chips or a special fried rice. So, for chinese I have two different healthy alternatives that I like to go for.

The first is super simple and easy. I head to Aldi and grab a pad thai kit which comes with noodles and the mixture and then get some fresh chicken breasts. I normally use half the package of the fresh chicken.

I start by frying to cooking making sure it's cooked all the way through then put it to one side. The pad thai kit has all of the instruction on the packaging and it's basically like a stir fry, add the micture and the noodles, then add the sauce and you are off. I then readd the chicken just to finish it off and add my own cashew nuts also. This is a meal I only recently came across, bigging up Aldi's. I also haven't seen these kits anywhere else but I would totally recommend. They have got other kits there two but this is the only one I have tried so far. They will be found by the rice and pasta section.

Prep Work - Easy & Quick

Overall - 5 Star

Sweet Chilli Sticky Chicken

The second chinese alternative is the sweet chilli honey chicken recipe I got from Pinterest. I serve it with rice and it is so delicious.

First you need to make the egg mixture with egg, salt, pepper and 1 tbsp of oil. Then in a separate bowl put corn starch and flour. Once that is done, dip each chicken breast into the egg then flour mixture and fry the chicken in batches until golden and crisp. To make the sauce mix honey, sweet chilli sauce, water, soy sauce, vinegar, cornstarch and salt then bring to the boil in a separate pan until it thickens. Once it's a thick sauce mixture then you add the chicken into the sauce mixture until coated.

Prep Work - Medium

Overall - 5 Star

Coconut Chicken Curry

Now we're onto what I have as an alternative when I crave an Indian. I recently came across an oven fried coconut chicken recipe on Pinterest so thought I would give it a go. I served it with a low fat korma sauce and rice and it was devine. I have also had this chicken in a stir fry mix and on it's own with boiled vegtables and everytime it was so good.

It is a quick recipe, you start by adding cornstarch, baking powder and some seasoning into a sealable sandwhich bag with fresh chicken breasts and then shake it gently until the chicken it completely coated in the powder mixture. Then ina large mixing bowl you add eggs and cococnut milk or butter milk and whisk together before adding the chicken into the mixture until completly coated. Then finally in a baking pan you add breadcrumbs, unsweetened coconut and your seasoning again and then once again completely coat the chicken in your third mixture then place it on a tray ready to put in the oven. Then you bake until golden and completely cooked through.

Prep Work - Quite Easy & Reasonably Quick

Overall - 5 Star because you can pair with a lot of options of different food

Until Next Time X

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